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My name is John R. Leonard. I created this mod. I also come under the alias of "Odaiba" and "Senju".
I am also the director, major designer, part level designer and story writer. I live in Joso city, Ibaraki prefecture in Japan. I designed my new 2 story house which I have 2 Golden Retrivers. I enjoy designing high end PCs and playing with my dogs.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Redsun2020 mod is ready for download

The download from DBmod of the REDSUN2020 mod is ready.
You can just click on this LINK if you are lazy.
However, I just found out that one could download it since 2009 from this site but for some reason it was not clear to me. My guess, it could not be clear to other people so I announced as new news but probLinkably not. Anyway, I just trying keep this mod active! :-)


  1. I've loved this mod in the past, however I'm unable to install it on my new PC due to a NoDX error. I've searched the net, and seen references to a RAR (not EXE) version, but have been unable to find it. I've also seen a comment that I need to remove a \ from the install path to make it work, but the installer doesn't give me that option before giving the error. I can unzip the exe and manually copy in the files, which results in my getting the Redsun title screen, but the normal Deus Ex levels.

    It still runs fine on my old PC, but it would be nice to be able to install it on my new one. Does anyone have a suggestions on what I could try?