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My name is John R. Leonard. I created this mod. I also come under the alias of "Odaiba" and "Senju".
I am also the director, major designer, part level designer and story writer. I live in Joso city, Ibaraki prefecture in Japan. I designed my new 2 story house which I have 2 Golden Retrivers. I enjoy designing high end PCs and playing with my dogs.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Welcome to Redsun2020 - The game

I decided to create this blog for several reasons. One is that I just started playing Deus Ex - The Human Revolution and became a big fan again of this type of gameplay. Also, a fan wrote to me about how cool Redsun2020 game was and that got me inspired to go back to my game and kind of re-live it.

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